Make A Man Fall In Love With You Forever

Get your guy to fall in love – forever!

Capture His Heart – Extra Bonuses

So not only are you getting all this relationship advice, and all this dating advice, you also have access to 4 fantastic CDs and eBooks which will transform how you feel about “dating and mating.”

1 The Human Lie Detector

book-lieThis is a special interview with a body language expert which will instantly help you know if a man is lying to you or not.

But of course knowing that is only part of the story, because the other question you want answering is why a man’s lying to you.

This part of Capture His Heart is going to give you some incredibly valuable information which explains why men behave in the way they do, and what you can do to stop it happening when it’s not in your best interests.

2 Cheating – Why Does It Happen?

How about a no-holds-barred interview with a man who’s been serially unfaithful to his partner? What is different here is that he’s got some incredible insights to share, now he’s reformed and changed his ways.

So this is the “horse’s mouth”. A man who’s cheated, giving you a candid look into the mind of a man who cheats on his partner.

Now, as you know, you can’t say that seizing his heart is always going to be easy, and Catching His Heart forever is something you just can’t rely on unless you know about male psychology.

Hmmm….. cheating. Let’s face it, women cheat just like men, so this is essential information for all of us. Main point, though: using the tips and tricks and techniques revealed here, you can make yourself into woman that no man would ever dream of cheating on.

I skirted over those two bonuses a little bit because I want to focus mainly on the other three parts of this invaluable dating advice.

3 Unstoppable Confidence

It’s essential for a woman in today’s world.

Whatever you might think about this, men really really like confident woman. And even though the idea of feminine vulnerability sometimes seem superficially attractive, the thrill of it soon disappears and evaporates for the huge majority of men.

After all – he wants an equal partner in the relationship, he doesn’t want to be a Daddy to a Little Girl!

So although you can use your feminine vulnerability in many ways within your relationship, the fact of the matter is this: if you want the relationship to last, you really need have to wise up and become a confident woman.

1-300_can-you-make_1a (2)You certainly don’t have to be the most confident woman in the world, but Catching His Heart really means that you need to show him that you’re a woman who can match his masculine strength.


4 Getting Rid Of Insecurity

insecurityThis is absolutely vital. If you’re feeling insecure, you’re thinking your man might leave, you’re always frightened about what’s going on, or something similar, your man is can pick it up.

Sadly, you’re almost setting an expectation for him. And if you do that, well…

To get over this, to give off radiant confidence about the rightness of your relationship, and your sense of security in the relationship, you need to read the information that Capture His Heart gives you on how to maintain a long-term relationship with complete emotional security.

But there’s another thing here. We all know that sometimes breaking up is actually the right thing to do. It’s not about denying the truth, or about pretending your relationship is OK when it isn’t. Sometimes you just have to break it off…... this bonus will show you how to know when that is what you need to do…..


Capture is heart and make him love you forever is an incredible document which will reveal more or less everything about the psychology of dating men and having a relationship with them!

It will seize you in the grip of heartfelt emotion, and enable you to establish a relationship with any man whose heart is worthy of yours.


5 Sex Lies Exposed

This is an essential capture his heart bonus because it looks at 7 belief that will actually kill your relationships with men.

The problem is that, like everyone else, you’ve grown up with so many beliefs and expectations about male sexuality which are completely false.

In fact, this is one of the main causes of disconnection and disharmony between men and women – the fact we each “put onto” the opposite sex our preconceptions and judgements about who they are and how they behave, when these judgements are usually completely undeserved.

Capture your heart is going give you the most incredible insight you’ve ever had into the false beliefs that you hold about male sexuality and men.

book-lieJust think how knowing the FACTS about men will transform everything!

These capture his heart bonuses are priceless. They can teach you everything you just don’t know about men, stuff you wouldn’t even know you didn’t know unless you read about it!

Bottom line: for establishing a great relationship, and maintaining close intimate connection with a man, this is just essential reading.

A couple enjoying a beautiful sunsetSo the bonuses cost $97 – but don’t worry about that: first of all you’ll think they’re worth far more than that, I have no doubt at all. And second,  even if you don’t rate them, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee – so it’s no risk to you.

Catch him and enjoy moments like this….. there’s no substitute for romance, is there?