You Want To Make A Man Love You? Here’s How….

Can you really make a man fall in love with you?

Promotional image for Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You ForeverTalk about value! Because if you want bonuses, then Capture His Heart has just the thing for you!

And as if the bonuses I told you about above weren’t enough, there are even more to help you get your guy (and yes, it is very easy to get your guy!!)

Capture His Heart Bonus #3 – Giving Away Secrets About Men That Will Astound You!

The third bonus is called “A Master’s Degree In Men” … of course,  it’s  not like a university degree, but it might be more useful to you.

It’s an advanced education in how to understand men, giving you the secrets that you’re going to need if you want to find the right guy, attract the right guy, and keep the right guy.

So what’s the secret of attracting a man here? (Hint: It’s NOT loads of sex.) 

No, Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart is more refined than that. What she’s telling you is that the way to seize a man’s heart is by reading his mind.

You see, we all know men and women are different. That’s no secret. The “secret” women really want (and need) to know is how to communicate with a man in a way that gets him to open up. And that’s going to be easier if you have a head start…..

So capture his heart reveals the hidden meaning behind what a man says and does. In other words, this information will help you to read a man’s mind, so you know exactly what he wants, exactly how he feels about you, precisely how much he loves you… and so on. All of which means you’ll never have to ask him!

You see, men give off signals in the words they use and the things they say, and in the body language they can’t control (just like women do…).

And this is your opportunity to get a direct line to what a man really feels about you, a direct line to understanding every word he doesn’t say, and, for that matter, every word he does say!

The thing is this: Mike Fiore and Claire Casey both know darn’ well that men aren’t the most “open” (i.e. emotionally open) creatures in the world.

Women want to communicate, but men don’t: particularly when it comes to matters of the heart, and perhaps especially when they are little bit frightened that a woman might be capturing their hearts. (Equals: “Settling down? Whoa, now that’s scary!”)

But there’s even more to this. When a man knows that you understand him on such a deep, deep level, he feels appreciated and understood by you and only you. Then, his attitude to intimacy, connection, and, dare I say it, love, will change forever.

Catch His Heart & Make Him Love You Forever

This is a picture of Mike FioreBut follow Claire and Mike’s advice and you won’t need to capture his heart to make him love you forever, because he’ll actually be so respectful and appreciative of your understanding of his deepest thoughts and feelings, that he’d rather cut off his own [ahem] than leave you or cheat on you.

You see how easy catching a man can be? You just have to show him that you understand him and respect him.

Now, I’m not joking and jesting about this. We all know that men don’t normally want to talk about how they feel, or even about their needs. But guess what?

Men actually do want women to know how they feel, they want the support of a loving woman (that’s how men are made), and they really, really want respect and understanding.

In short, a man wants YOU to know how he feels and thinks, but he just finds it hard to tell you.

So how on earth are you actually ever getting a man to open up?

I said above that if you work on Capturing His Heart by understanding him, and by showing him how much you understand his deepest needs and wishes and desires, then he’s going to love you forever. And that’s true. But of course you don’t want to be doing all the emotional work in the relationship, all of the time.

You want him to actually talk about his feelings. You want him to reveal what he’s thinking and feeling. You want him to tell you what he needs from you.

Well, “catching him” (as I call it) is an amazing program in many ways. And one of the most amazing things – which is explained to you in great detail – is how you can make a man want to open up to you.

Capture His Heart tells you how you can make him feel safe enough to reveal his deepest secrets – even the ones he’d never reveal to his closest male friends. Particularly the ones he’d never reveal to his closest male friends!

You might be wondering if it’s really this easy to understand a man, and to get him to open up. But what you don’t know at the moment are the secrets of getting a man to open up. It’s like a magic trick: once you know the answer, it all seems so simple.

I can tell you right now, without giving too many secrets away, that this bonus from Capture His Heart is amazing. It reveals that the way you talk to a man is the key. You have to know exactly how to say certain things; you have to know when to say them; and of course you have to know how to say them. 

Once you know these secrets, all of which are contained in Capture His Heart eBook Bonus #3, you have a hotline to his heart. And once you have that, you’ll know what he finds attractive; you’ll know what he thinks about women in general, and about you in particular.

For example you’ll know when he’s lying to you, and you’ll be able to understand what he thinks about women who have sex on the first, second, or third date.

Make no mistake about it, this is POWERFUL stuff: Capture His Heart is far better than any copy of Cosmopolitan that you’ve ever read. (Though if you’re relying on Cosmopolitan for information about how men think and feel, then you should burn every copy you’ve got.)

The truth of the matter is that Mike Fiore’s program is a hell of a lot more reliable and accurate than any magazine you’ve ever read.

In fact if you DON’T want to crash and burn around men, then Capture His Heart is essential reading, the thing you have to buy right now.

By the way, there are things in this section of capture his heart that you wouldn’t even dream of: for example, you can learn what men look for on a woman’s Facebook page or dating profile, and what they conclude about the woman from the information.

That’s the kind of information you’re getting here — it’s like golden nuggets of dating advice and relationship information.

And as if that weren’t enough, along with all of fantastic advice there is even more critical Bonus information from Mike Fiore and Claire Casey, this time on four CDs and four eBook PDF documents.

More bonuses in capture his heart

These CDs and MP3s are:

  • The Human Lie Detector
  • Interview With A Cheater
  • How To Develop Unstoppable Confidence
  • How To Totally Destroy Your Sense of Insecurity
  • Sex Lies Exposed

This is vital for woman in the relationship and dating game to be able to understand men inside out! Capture his heart can give you the power find the man you want and maintain him in your life for ever and ever!

Now, do you see how capture his heart is the key to success in getting what you want – a relationship, lifelong love, and even marriage?

The truth of the matter is that this is the one and only program I’ve seen which explains male psychology to women in a way that makes perfect sense and allows women to get an advantage, maybe even the upper hand, in the dating game.