Capture His Heart – What’s In Part 1?


Unlocking His Head And Looking Inside!

So what’s in Part 1 of Capture His Heart? In short, a lot. In particular, as you can guess from the title above, it’s about understanding men.

And there’s a LOT more besides …..though fortunately you can pick and choose. However, please do read the introduction, which tells you everything about Capture His Heart and how and why it works.

Amuse yourself with a personality questionnaire. This will tell you everything you need to know about how you present yourself in the world right now. Why? Well, to reveal anything that’s holding you back from being in a relationship.

To be blunt – it might just show you why you’re not in a relationship now. Yes, that stuff.

OK, let’s face facts. There’s a lot of insight to be gained here. What you find out about yourself from the quiz will reveal where your effort is most needed.  This quiz will tell you which parts of the program you want to focus on, and which are less important for you.

And because it shows you where you might be going wrong in relationships at the moment, it also serves as a reference point. In a few weeks, after using the techniques in Capture His Heart, you can fill in the questionnaire again, and see how you’ve changed…..

And that will show you how much you’ve developed emotionally (though of course you might not need to complete another questionnaire to find this out, since you’ll probably be in a relationship by then anyway).

Why Men Love To Chase Women

Anyway, whether you fill in the questionnaire or not, the next section of Part 1 is pretty important: it’s about why men love to chase women.


Now you, as a woman, may not know that women nearly always have the upper hand when it comes to relationships.

If a man thinks he’s chasing a woman because he decided to, it’s really only because the woman expressed an interest, stimulated his desire, made him (metaphorically or really) paw the ground with excitement and begin to chase her!

But does the author of Capture His Heart, a woman by the name of Claire Casey, actually know what she’s talking about when she offers you her insights into men’s minds? (Yep, good question!)

Since I’m a man, and I know something about male psychology, I’m in a great place to tell you how much Claire Casey really knows when she talks about male psychology.

Especially when she talks about what men want in a relationship with a woman!

And the slightly surprising thing — to me, at any rate — is that she’s got some really amazing insights into the mind of a man.

The essence of what she says is that men are motivated by adventure and excitement and challenge.

I mean, that’s a simple way of putting it, of course, but she is right. Here’s what she says: “Most men are living in Manhattan or Anyville and they spend their days working for a living, searching for the remote, and thinking about all the women they aren’t having sex with. And yet they are hard-wired for that caveman, arctic explorer, alligator-wrestling, superhero kind of life.”

Too true. And men still respond to Challenge or Excitement – it’s what we do. Think of little boys exploring the world, testing themselves and their courage. It’s how boys – and men – operate.

And for a man, a woman giving him the signal that she might be interested in him is a chllenge! Once he’s challenged, he’ll make it – or you – his project! 

It’s a bit like slaying a dragon!

How do I know this? Apart from being a man, I mean? LOL.

Well, I’ve helped to run men’s weekends for some time now, and I know a thing or two about male psychology.

We do these development weekends out in the countryside, well away from civilization, and the guys generally arrive not knowing this.

So, wearing their smart suits, iPods, high-tech phones in hand, they get off the bus looking like a bunch of nerds. But by the end of the weekend, stripped of everything that gives them their identity in society, these guys will be pumped up, living on adrenaline, and standing tall in the power of their own masculinity.

And besides feeling like they’ve done something incredible, which they have, they’ll be happy and fulfilled. They feel the way men are meant to feel all the time: POWERFUL.

Now, when a man feels like that, what he wants as his “reward” for slaying the dragon, for facing excitement, adventure, and challenge, is the respect, admiration, acceptance and love of a woman.

Are you beginning to see the point?

When a man chases you, whether you set the chase up or not, and when he wins you, when he passes all your tests, he feels powerful — and that’s the point at which he wants your respect and acceptance.

In fact he wants more than that.

He wants the gorgeous, delightful, life-enhancing reward of you in every way he can have you. And when a man wants you like that, you know what that does to you.

That tingle you feel (you know what I mean!) is Mother Nature’s way of telling you…. this guy is yours.

So, just like women have been doing for millennia, you have to know how to start the chase and keep it going.

And here’s the thing: what you do to capture his interest is different to what you do to keep him interested.

And you have to do it, because, sooner or later, if you’re not doing it, erotic tension goes out of the relationship, and the fire of passion begins to dull.

On we go! Admire Claire Casey’s gift for titles…..

The next section of Part 1 is”The Secret Invisible Obstacle Course”.

What Casey means is that there may be something keeping the man of your dreams from finding you, or from making a serious effort to win your attention.

So how you are going to Catch His Heart, catch his attention, and stand in your own power while you do it?

Uh-ho. Here’s the question: What’s keeping the right man from finding you, chasing you, seducing you?

Could it be that men are — whisper it — scared to approach you?

Are you ahead of me? Men are scared of getting into relationships with women because they don’t know how to deal with feelings.

(Mostly. I mean, they know a lot more about feelings if they’ve been on one of my men’s weekends!)

Joking aside, if a man avoids getting in deep with a woman (YOU!) because he can’t deal with your feelings or his feelings, what can you do about it to help him know there’s no danger?

Happily, Claire Casey knows the answer to this question, which she shares with you in the program.

More than that, she lists 7 other obstacles that stop men approaching women.

These are things that might actually might be stopping men approaching YOU.

Capture His Heart reveals the answers to deal with each one of these 7 sticking points.

Thing is, if you want to know what these are, you’re going to have to take the plunge and buy Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever to find out.

But take it from me, she’s got this stuff right!

In fact,  of her seven secret obstacles that might stop men from meeting you, there’s only one I don’t really agree with.

She says that men are frightened of revealing their inner selves. In other words, men are frightened that you’ll discover their deepest secrets about themselves.

You can take it from me that men are very happy to reveal the deepest parts of themselves if they know they’re not going to be judged, if they know they’re going to be accepted for who they are.

The reason men don’t trust women is often because they’ve had so much female criticism, with many negative judgements, and on top of that, they’ve had so many women trying to fix them.

LADIES! If you trying to fix a man, you’ll lose him emotionally, or physically, or both.

The Final Section Of Part 1 Is About
The Law Of Attraction.

Now we all know about the Law Of Attraction.

It has awesome power and it can work. But there is a problem: If you’re visualizing something too specific you’re probably going to get NOTHING!

The level at which the Law Of Attraction works is more general: what you need to visualize is your outcome — a perfect relationship with a man who loves you.

You don’t want to visualize your image of the perfect man. Why? Well, the reason for that, I’m not going to tell you.

Again, you’ll have to buy the program if you want to know the secrets of manifesting the man you want.

To close this section Claire offers you some pretty spot-on advice about not carrying emotional baggage from the past forward into your future.

Let’s face it, you’ve carried enough of this stuff all your life, and it’s time to put it down and let somebody else carry the burden.

If you want a life in which you control what happens to you, rather than being controlled by other people’s whims and desires and wishes, then you need to follow Claire Casey’s interesting advice about how you can really step into your own power and put your baggage down.

You don’t need to be carrying this stuff into your own future.

To sum up Part 1 of Capture His Heart all I can say is that Claire Casey has a grasp of male psychology that will give you a truly massive advantage when it comes to getting into a man’s mind…..

In fact I think she is 95%+ accurate about men, what men want from a woman, how men think, how men feel, and how a woman can get under a man’s skin… in the best way possible.

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