Capture His Heart – Part 2 Continued

Amazing Ways To Make A Man Love You

Now, fess up. You might have some doubt about whether this will work, yes?

Well, if you’re still doubting that you can do this, if you’re doubting the force of your Siren powers, then let me show you a few more things Claire Casey is going to give to you!

Read on for more of my review of Capture His Heart ebook:

She’s going to show you how to:

  • enjoy sensual pleasures which make you feel great
  • love your body and turn it into a sensuous pleasure palace
  • keep yourself healthy and feeling very, very sexy (an amazing 51 strategies and ideas here!)
  • use your eyes to convey a message that a man will understand immediately — the message of seduction and attraction
  • use feminine body moves to get men chasing you
  • look absolutely superb all the time, including appreciating and loving the parts of the you that you don’t like
  • understand male psychology, and interpret men’s body language – so that you know what they’re thinking even as they cross the room towards you!
  • use male psychology to have a conversation which keeps a man gripped – this is the ultimate seduction technique to “capture his heart and make him love you forever”!
  • use qualities like empathy, respect, admiration and more to cement absolute attraction in a man’s mind
  • and finally, most impressive of all – how you can understand man’s deepest needs, wishes and fears without him even knowing how you understand them. This will absolutely blow him away because no woman will ever have understood him like you do.

So as a man I just want to make the observation that although you might think this is manipulative, I think of it as clever psychology.

And in any event it doesn’t matter, because actually men and women are all programmed to engage with each other like this.

In Capture His Heart, Claire Casey is 100% correct about what men want and how women can interact with them in a way that makes an exciting, zinging, thrilling and life-enhancing connection absolutely certain.

If you’ve never understood men, then you’re in for a treat here: Claire Casey (pictured) reveals the six fundamental drivers that are at the basis of all male psychology.

These are the things that make all men masculine. They may not be expressing these things, but deep down they want to fulfil their masculine urges.

And it’s true men want different things from women, and are excited by different things than women.

But if you’re aiming to get your guy you need to know about men, so that you can make a man feel like you understand him in a way no other woman would ever be able to do.

Bottom line: Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart will give you an insight into male psychology more accurate and more deadly than a month chatting to your sisters. You just can’t miss this!

And what about this….

Seven Massive Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

And if that isn’t a compelling title, I don’t know what is.

Is it overkill? Not really. It’s dead on, 100% accurate.

And the essence of the mistakes you need to avoid is this: never do anything that makes you feel worse in an attempt to make your man feel better.

Also: just don’t do certain things — at least not when you’re in the early stages of a relationship. These are the things that men hate.

These are intense and important things with the power to sabotage your relationship. Very powerful. And in the eBookof Ways To Capture A Man’s Heart, Claire Casey reveals what they are.

I’m not going to give you the low-down on all them, but I will just give you one example of the advice you can find here: “We ladies are usually VERY quick with words, and we usually have a waterfall of them constantly running. It can be overwhelming to a guy, which makes your judicious use of silence particularly powerful.”

Yes, that is absolutely true. But how many women know it, and how many pay any attention to it?

You know, this is astounding. This is the kind of information you just can’t get anywhere else.

Actually it’s the sort of information you really need before you can understand a man. It’s the sort of information you need when you’re going out of your way to find eternal love.