Capture His Heart – What’s In Part 2?


Part 2: Unleashing Your Inner Siren

Part 2 of Capture His Heart, as you can see when you sign into your personalized Capture His Heart “dashboard”, is divided into several sections. They are about feminine charm, seductive quality, how to get the man you want, how to keep him, and lots more besides….

This is the Capture His Heart "dashboard" which you see when you sign in.
This is the Capture His Heart “dashboard” which you see when you sign in.

Part 2 of Capture His Heart, as you can see if you sign into your personalized Capture His Heart “dashboard”, is divided into several sections. All of them are more about feminine charm and seductive quality than anything else.

The first section is : 

How To Awaken Unsettling Primal Urges In A Man!

Now, if that doesn’t get your feminine juices flowing, I don’t know what will!

But what on earth does Claire Casey mean when she talks about “primal urges” in a man? Is she referring to sex?

NO! She’s talking about those mysterious male instincts to chase women — to seduce them, to woo them, and to pierce a woman’s heart with the strength of his pure masculine, male energy. And to cherish her above all others.

And how is a woman going to get a man to do that, you may ask?

(Because, as you know, that’s what all women want, deep down – to be cherished like no other.)

Answer: you’re going to increase your animal magnetism.
Oh boy! Animal magnetism! And what is that?

Well, it means your charisma, your presence, your potency, your power, and your charm.

Think of your animal magnetism as a short way of saying how interesting and attractive you are to men.

Which means, as Claire Casey puts it, in Capture His Heart: “In fact, the more powerful your magnetism (and boy, you are just not going to believe how EASY it is to be magnetic!), the more strong, potent, and sturdy men you will be drawing to you. Little magnet, little men. Strong magnet, strong and exciting men. You’re gonna be incredible, just wait and see. (And it won’t take long…!)”

Well, you may not believe that you have much animal magnetism.

But believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to develop powerful charisma that will have men queuing up to talk to you.

You can always change things. Even if you’ve not been much good at attracting men in the past, with the help of Capture His Heart, you can direct all your energy, all your feminine charm, and all of your power, to making yourself irresistible – or, if you prefer, compellingly attractive – to men.

Now I guess at this point quite a few women are thinking “But I couldn’t do that!”

But if you read this part of Capture His Heart, you’re in for a surprise.

  • The fact is, you can do it. And Claire Casey shows you how. Even better, it’s easy to do it.
  • You see, what a man wants is a woman who’s interested in him, and who makes him feel good about himself.
  • And what women don’t understand is that although men seem to be drawn to physical looks, what any man really wants from a woman is for her to make him feel good about himself.
  • A woman always has the power in forming a relationship

So the more you put yourself out there, the more you radiate your feminine lightness, good intention, and loving heart energy, the more good men you’re going to meet. But don’t worry, because nobody expects you to do this all on your own!

  • Capturing a man’s heart is easy when you connect with him.
  • And connecting with him is going to give him the confidence to actually come up to you and speak to you.
  • Because, whether you know it or not, all men fear rejection from women.
  • Even now, in these days of so-called equality, men generally have to make the running. And they are scared as hell of rejection. That’s a simple truth.

So when you project feminine energy that is positive, when you look interested in the people around you, when you’re seductive, charming, confident, and you know you won’t reject a man in a way that wounds him, men will come up to you in droves.

Then the doors of possibility open for you.

And here’s the great thing: Claire Casey gives you a practical blueprint….. telling you exactly how

You Can Capture A Man’s Heart

You see, the simple truth is that when you get down to it, being interested in anyone, man or woman, is a powerful way of getting them to engage with you.

Everyone appreciates someone who shows respect and interest in them.

  • Men are interested in women who are interested in them. And Claire Casey gives you a blueprint to be a woman like that.
  • Step-by-step, she shows you how you can hook a man’s interest, and if he isn’t right, how you can gently but firmly dissuade him.
  • This is magical stuff, traditional feminine magic. The kind of instinctive magical way a woman can turn on her energy to attract the men she wants to be with.

And, to give you even more advantages over all the other women out there Claire Casey also describes how you can….

Wake Up Gorgeous.

Now of course she doesn’t mean you’re going to undergo some kind of magical physical transformation overnight.

This is much more about how you feel about yourself. It’s a kind of self-programming. If you like, it’s a way of programming yourself whilst you sleep to give you maximum confidence – and to let the beautiful and confident goddess sleeping inside you come out and show herself to men who might be interested.

Again, until you read Capture His Heart this might seem very strange.

But it’s really quite simple: it’s about shifting your attitude from negative to positive, from despair to hope, from victimhood to power, from negative expectations to positive expectation.

  • It’s about becoming joyous, it’s about being a woman that men want to be around. And there’s not really great deal for you to do — because most of the magic happens while you are asleep.
  • In eight simple steps, Claire Casey offers you an amazing process of implanting positive self belief into your subconscious during your sleep.
  • Result? When you wake up, you’ll be primed and ready to be a gorgeous man magnet.

My View Of All This, As a Man!

I totally get that you might have some questions here. So, as a man, I want to tell you something.

What you might not appreciate is that most men want a woman with whom they can have a good emotional relationship.

And what that means is a woman who respects and admires them. A woman who’s interested in them. A woman who makes them feel good about themselves.

And of course women have a right to expect the same things in return. But that’s more about developing the relationship.

Here, we’re talking about starting a relationship.

  • As a woman you might believe that relationships begin because woman’s attractive.
  • But the simple truth of the matter is that most men who choose their partners on the basis of looks alone are pretty superficial themselves.
  • They’re probably not the kind of guys you want to be involved with.
  • Relationships really do have to be built on a strong foundation of mutual compatibility, and acceptance and love.
  • At least, they do if they’re going to last.

That’s why you can choose the most important sections from “Wake up Gorgeous” – the ones that will have most impact on you.

The ones that will make you the confident woman you were always meant to be.

Here’s how Claire puts it: “A woman’s authentic confidence sends men just a little bit happy-crazy. They can’t help themselves! They want to be near you because you make them feel relaxed and zippy at the same time. They’re drawn to you again and again for that fresh dose of energy and joy that comes from just being around you!”

So you might be wondering just what sneaky techniques you can use to become this confident and powerful woman.

You might particularly be wondering that if you have a destructive in a voice running through your head like a critical bitch, reminding you of all your faults!

Surprise surprise!

There are dozens of techniques offered by Claire that will help you stop that crap and transform your inner self so that you really do “Wake Up Gorgeous”!

I’m not going to tell you what the techniques are though, especially not the really hot ones, because that wouldn’t be fair.

OK, so you’re not convinced yet?

Well, in that case let me make a list of some of the things you will  find in this section of Capture His Heart. You can discover how to:

  • Treat yourself to sensual pleasures that make you feel good.
  • Turn yourself into a temple of sensuous pleasure.
  • Keep yourself healthy and feeling very sexy (she supplies 51 different ideas to choose from — yes, 51!).
  • Indulge yourself so that you feel good about yourself.
  • Attract and seduce a man using nothing but your eyes.
  • Use those naturally feminine body moves that pierce men straight through the heart (you get 19 ideas to choose from here).
  • How to look absolutely great every day, and that includes the parts of yourself you think are ugly or less attractive (check it out, because it’s absolutely true!).
  • Understand and interpret men’s body language, so you know what they’re thinking about you as you talk to them – even when you see them across the room.
  • How to hold a conversation with a man in a way that really keeps him interested – this is what Claire calls conversational gold. I call it clever seduction.
  • Use certain qualities like admiration, empathy, and encouragement to cement the sense of attraction that a man feels for you.
  • And, believe it or not, when you talk to a man whose heart you wish to catch and keep, Claire shows you how to actually name, and understand, his deepest needs, wishes and fears. This will blow him away – no woman will ever have understood him like you do.

And you can take it from me (as a man) that, once again, the author of Capture His Heart and Keep Him Forever really knows what she’s talking about when she describes how men think and feel.

When you understand what drives men, like the excitement of an adventure, or the thrill of the chase, or his need to be admired as a man, or the way that he’s task oriented, or the way that he can’t manage complex feelings, you WILL have an inside track on the way men think, feel and behave.

And that means YOU will have the power to make any man believe that you, and only you, from all of the gorgeous women in the world, really understand him.

And when you can do that, you can capture any man you like – for ever – and hold his heart in your hands for as long as you want.


As if all that weren’t enough, Claire Casey finishes Part 2 with the dramatic section – 

Seven Massive Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Yes, they really are! Mistakes to avoid, I mean!

And now you ‘re wondering what they are, let me sum it up: a mistake is anything you do that makes him feel better, but makes you feel worse in any way.

Some of these things are behaviours that all of us do or have done in the past to please our partners. Yet, in both short-term and long-term relationships, they have the power to destroy a relationship quicker than almost anything else.

You really need to read this information if you want a successful relationship with a man. Seven normal, common, things that women do that actually really turn a man OFF!  How amazing is that!