How To Make A Man Love You (Part 4)

How to Ensure Your Man Stays In Love With You!


On To Part 4 of Capture His Heart!


In Part 4 there are another 4 exciting and informative sections of advice about getting your man, vital to the woman who’s met a man and now wants to capture his heart forever!

1 Getting Your Man to Commit

2 The Two Biggest Love and Sex Questions

3 The Sound of Wedding Bells Ringing?

4 He’s Going to Love You, Woo You and Win You!

So you’ve got an idea of you’re going to get in this section … but the question you’re no doubt asking yourself is “Will this work?” Let’s find out.

1 Getting Your Man To Commit

commitment - picture to illustrate if it is really possibleSo: Getting Your Man To Commit. Wow!

This is the one everybody wants to know about.

And I have to admit that when I reviewed Casey’s Capture His Heart eBook I found it to be extraordinarily perceptive and accurate about male psychology.

As a man, I don’t think I want to say any more about this section; I mean, I am a man, and we men need to keep some secrets…LOL!

And when you take a look at this section of Capture His Heart, you’ll be able to see exactly what I mean.

2 The Two Biggest Love and Sex Questions

diagram to explain relationship between love sex and friendshipDo you know what these questions are?

As a woman, you’ve probably spent a great deal of your life, or least your romantic life, thinking about them!

The first one is, should you have sex on the first date? And the second one is, should you be the first to say I love you?

But I’m not actually going to tell you the answer to these questions: you’re going to have to buy Capture His Heart to find out.

What I will tell you is that Claire Casey has male psychology down to a fine art.

She knows exactly what men think about women who answer these questions yes or no, which means she can explain to you exactly why and how you should deal with them.

And keep in mind that I’m a man, so I know she’s got this right ! Also – you need to know that the consequences of getting the answers to these questions wrong can be massive. We’re talking “no relationship” or “full-on relationship”. Find out in the Capture His Heart eBook!

3 The Sound of Wedding Bells Ringing?

picture of wedding bellsWould you like to know of the 12 reliable signs that a man is ready for marriage? Could that really be possible?

Well yes, it freakin’ well could. And if you read this section of capture His heart, You’ll know what they are. (A short cut to capturing his heart….. and having him live with you for ever, maybe.)

Doubting that this is a way to seize his heart and make  him romance you for eternity? Well, let me give you an example.

First on the list: he’s had his fill of sowing wild oats, or he’s got too much self-discipline to do this. Uh-ho.

Well, for once, Claire is wrong about this one: all men want to sow their wild oats. If they don’t it’s probably because of lack of opportunity more than anything else. Every woman who doesn’t understand this is not going to be too successful at Capturing A Man’s Heart.

So the question should really be: “Has he had his fill of sowing wild oats, or has he given up the desire to do so?”

Because until he has, he’s not going to settle down – or at least he’s not going to be 100% giving his full attention to you.

intertwined hearts which represent capture his heartYou see, as a woman trying to capture his heart, you’re up against deep, deep ancestral male psychology, evolved over hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years: the genetic imperative to spread his seed.

And to this day men are programmed to go through a phase of screwing around in their late teens and early 20s. If it doesn’t happen, a man will retain the desire to screw around at some level all his life – or until he matures emotionally and gives up the hope and desire to do it.

You, my lovely, are never going fully Capture His Heart until he’s grown out of his desire to screw around. And that can happen at age 25, or it can happen at age 55.

Woe betide you if you get involved with the man is still in the grip of his genetic desire to spread his seed.

Claire Casey is the one who can show you exactly how to tell if a man is ready to be with you and nobody else, both in his mind and in the bedroom.

And when he’s ready to be with you exclusively, that will make your life a lot easier: for one thing, you can capture his heart and “own” it for a long time…..

Here’s a video by author John Gray – yes, he of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus fame.

4 He’s Going To Love You, Woo You and Win You!

You know, it’s the never-ending story. Woman wants to Capture His Heart and live in romantic bliss for ever.  

Man is one step ahead of her, mentally weighing up every woman he looks at, wondering what it would be like to just try sowing his wild oats, always tempted by something different.

And then along comes a woman he wants. She makes it look like she’s, shall we say, considering things.

But, as we know, she’s doing something that stops a man chasing other women: she’s making him chase one particular woman – her. That’s how a woman always captures a man’s heart for keeps.

You know how men love the chase. It gives them a target, gives them a goal, gives them something to do. And with skill and feminine wiles, you can be the sole object of his attentions.

promo of capture his heart and make him love you foreverSo to Capture His Heart For Keeps, you have to know how to keep him interested in you when you’re way past the dating stage, when you’re well into your relationship, even when you’re into commitment and marriage.

Men love to chase women, and men love to be romantic, and they certainly love to make ridiculous wild romantic gestures!

But they’re only going to do this when you stimulate them to do it.

To capture his heart in this way, you have do add a little spicy something. And let’s face it, as a woman, you and your ancestors have been doing it for generations. Somewhere deep down in your genes, you know exactly how to keep him interested.

 But just in case you need a helping hand to remember, Claire Casey is on hand to tell you exactly what to do!

Discover how you can make a man fall in love with you – forever!