Capture His Heart Love Forever! (More Amazing Bonuses)

All You Need To Know About Making A Man Love You!

I am a man, and I can tell you a secret or two: I’ve done my fair share of dating over the years, and I know something about male psychology because I’m a counselor and therapist. So from that perspective I can truthfully say I’m absolutely blown away by the accuracy of the information in capture his heart.

Maybe that’s why SMS messages are a really great way to communicate with your date!

As part of this Capture His Heart bonus, Claire Casey and Mike Fiore offer you something they call “the second date text arsenal.”

I’m not about to tell you exactly what’s in it, but you probably guessed yourself — a whole load of powerful texts you can send a man that will get him thinking ONLY about you and create a powerful feeling of attraction.

3) Another Great Bonus – Never Fight Again!

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like in a relationship if you literally never “fought” again? You hear people say that fighting is good for a relationship because it allows people to express their feelings, thoughts and opinions and to discharge anger and tension.

But how about having a system to do that before you even build up these levels of tension and anger? How about literally avoiding fights by having high-quality, open and honest communication that means you can easily tell your partner exactly how you’re feeling?

Although that may sound like a far-fetched idea, Capture His Heart will show you how to do this. Literally if you take this dating advice, you will never fight again.

Because true connection and intimacy involve open and honest communication which allows love to grow all the time, transforming affection into intimacy, fulfilment and happiness … a truly wonderful way to have a joyous relationship.

You know, capturing his heart and making him love you forever is almost inevitable if you follow the advice in this wonderful bonus eBook.

You see, this bonus will give you every single thing that you need to make sure that no matter what you’re feeling, you never mess it up again.

Picture that: Capture His Heart will give you the skills to grow old together, in love and harmony, and be the envy of everybody who knows you.

And that’s a true way of establishing mutual passion and attraction. Mike Fiore claims that this, one of the Capture His Heart ebook bonuses (also on video and MP3), is the most powerful material he’s ever created.

In fact, he goes so far as to say he thinks it’s the one thing he’s going to be remembered for when he’s dead!

Well if that’s true, then it’s powerful stuff!!!.

Now, like I mentioned above, I have a psychotherapy practice and I’ve done lots of work with men and women about relationships. Never have I seen the information that couples need to communicate openly and honestly, and build trust and intimacy, expressed as clearly as it is in this capture his heart bonus –  Never Fight Again.

But Do You Need To Capture His Heart?

In a way, when you get to this level of intimacy the idea that you can capture his heart is almost redundant. When men and women connect with this kind of intimacy and loving connection, a great relationship is almost guaranteed.

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it, at least not without a little bit more information about this Capture His Heart Bonus download, so here it is:

capture his heart and make him love you forever illustratedSection 1: this explains how men see love, what love means to men, and what they want from love. There you have to bear in mind that this may be completely different to what you want is a woman.

So the techniques that are provided here are designed to bridge the gap between your expectations and his, so that YOU can influence HIM to give you the kind of love and adoration that you deserve.

capture his heart and make him love you forever illustratedSection 2: You know you can’t make a man happy. He’s got to do that to himself, coming from place of performance and satisfaction. But of course what you can do is to give him what he needs to feel those things. This conquering his heart bonus explains exactly how this works.

Section 3: Please don’t believe fights are really about the things that you’re shouting about. They’re always about much deeper issues, and you can avoid such fights altogether by knowing some simple principles of human relations.

Section 4: Capture His Heart offers you simple ways to keep disagreements open, clean, and easily dealt with.

Section 5: You need much more than love to have a long-term relationship, and capture his heart explains exactly what these things are.

Section 6: How to have the most open and honest communication possible.

Let’s face it, Capture His Heart is absolutely jam-packed with facts that can get you what you want in a relationship.

Indeed, reading the eBook of Capture His Heart will give you the power to get off the emotional roller-coaster that you’ve been experiencing for so long!

Truth is, you can have a relationship with a man who really loves, respects, and cherishes you in the way that you want to be loved and cherished.

And I totally understand if you’re feeling a bit dubious about these claims. Think of it this way: there are some things that you never learned how to do in a relationship. Mike Fiore has interviewed enough women to know what women and men need and he’s set out discover ways that we can get those things.

Result: Capture His Heart, a program which explains all this very clearly and straightforwardly…… And which makes it easy to put this stuff into practice!