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Bonuses To Blow Your Socks Off!!

I know you’ve heard the expression “You don’t get something for nothing.”

capture his heart and make him love you forever illustrated

But with Capture His Heart, that ain’t true! You get some fantastic bonuses with the product.

And I’d like to remind you that buying capture his heart is risk-free, because it comes with a no-questions asked, 60 day money-back guarantee. It’s a guarantee that’s provided by Clickbank, the biggest marketplace on the Internet, not by the publisher of the program, so all you have to do to get your money back is push a button. No risk, no risk whatsoever.)

picture of Michael Fiore who is co-author of capture his heart(Capture His Heart is published by Michael Fiore. See his picture right here.)

That said, I can’t imagine you’d want to get your money back – capture his heart is a fabulous program!

And, like I said, you get some fantastic bonuses.

These bonuses are the ones that you can buy with the program, and there are other bonuses you get free of charge, which you can see described on the page linked at the top of this page: Free Bonuses.

I guess by now you’re probably getting the idea that capture his heart is not only a great way to make a man love you forever, but that it also contains a huge amount of great dating and relationship advice for women.

capture his heart bonus package illustrationSome of the best insights in the program are contained in the bonuses, which consist of information that you’re never going to get from any man! (And you’re probably not going to get it from any woman either, simply because this is the kind of stuff that most women don’t actually know. Men like to keep their secrets…!)

Capture His Heart Bonuses

Bonus #1) The Second Date Guarantee

So Michael Fiore offers you another bonus called the “Second Date Guarantee”.

And if you’re thinking this means your guy’s going to phone you, you’re right!

But why do men so often go out on a date, enjoy a great evening, and then somehow just never call when they say they will?

Well, I’m not about to focus on the reasons for this, because you can read all about what’s really going on in capture his heart.

picture of a man phoning for a second dateWhat I am going to tell you is that this great bonus – The Second Date Guarantee – shows you all the things you can do to make sure that a man really does call you. That means you will get a second date — guaranteed!

And these are things that you can do before the first day, during the first day, and after the first date.

These are things that will ensure that the man you’re seeing is a powerful desire to pursue you until he’s “captured” you.

capture his heart and make him love you forever illustratedAnd, as we all know, in this kind of dating game, it’s the woman who really holds the key to what happens. So your “feminine charm” is all about ensuring that you get what you want — which at this stage is a second date (assuming, of course, that a developing relationship really is what you want!)

This bonus explains how this is simply a way to avoid the uncertainty of a man saying he’ll call you and then not doing so.

Deep down inside every woman lies a whole set of feminine knowledge that’s evolved through the ages just the purpose of seducing men. Don’t be shocked. You know it’s true – it’s in your genes.

Whether you’ve used these skills or not, whether you’ve used them in a positive or negative way, this deeply held feminine knowledge is inside you, and it can be switched on whenever you desire.

In fact your “feminine wiles” are ready and waiting to go.

Michael Fiore and Claire Casey sum up the skills in capture his heart as follows, with each step described in detail in the program’s membership area when you buy it:

  • you can use mystery and curiosity before a date to get a man interested
  • then there are certain things you can do on a date to get your man hooked
  • there’s fantastic advice on whether or not you should have sex on the first date –– every woman has to know this
  • and of course the most important thing is what you do towards the end of the first date, so as to plant the seed of the second date so deeply in the man’s mind that he just can’t resist the idea of seeing you again (assuming that’s what you want!)
  • and after the date Claire Casey and Mike Fiore describe how you can use text messages to plant the idea in his mind that you’re open and receptive to his advances …..!

And you see the value of all this is that it calms a man’s fear about being rejected (which, believe it or not, is the main reason men don’t call after they’ve said they will).

Bonus #2) The First Date Explained (courtesy of CAPTURE HIS HEART)

What may surprise you more than anything is this explanation of how a man will see a first date, with a complete rundown on what’s going through his mind, what he feels about you, and what he wants next.

capture his heart and make him love you forever illustrated

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