How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You In 10 Easy Steps

Discover the secrets to making a man fall in love with you – forever!

The eternal question: how can a woman make a man fall in love with her?

Well, there are many reasons, of course, but here are the top 10.

1 Respect Him As Though He Was Your Hero

A man needs to be respected by a woman for him to feel really connected and close to her.

Some people think this is hardwired into our genes – that the man is programmed to be the provider and protector, and the woman is programmed to be protected (and show her respect and admiration for these qualities by feeling her love).

In days gone by, a man was needed for hunting and bringing food home to the cave.

Nowadays his role might be more like fixing the car when it breaks down, or defending his woman against any threats.

So it’s certainly a good thing for him to show you that he wants to provide for you and support you. And in return, if you want him to love you back, you need to really honor the masculinity and manliness inherent in what he does.

2 Don’t Try to Change Him

Everybody wants to be accepted for who they are. We all know that.

So if you want a man to fall in love with you, then you can have to accept hims just as he is.

If you take him on with the intention of changing him, improving his clothes, his hairstyle and all the other things you don’t like about him, you’re heading for trouble.

Even if he stays with you he’s not going to love you for this because at some level he knows that you disapprove of the choices he makes.

And besides that, if you can’t accept a man for who he is, and what he stands for, then perhaps he doesn’t share the same values as you do. That’s never a good start to a relationship, and perhaps you should move on.

3 Nurture Him

This is not just a one-way thing. Men need to be nurtured as well as women, even though they may not give that impression! But whose job is that? Is nurturing the preserve of women or men or both?

Men in fact are much more emotionally vulnerable than women suspect. However, when that vulnerability is respected and honored by a woman, a man immediately develops a close sense of intimacy and affection for her.

Of course this isn’t about you acting like his mother. It’s about showing him that he is needed, that he has a role to play in your life, and that in you can care for him.

Of course it is necessary for you to judge how to care for a man in a mature way.

And there are plenty of ways you can do this, but they need to be offered out of the true spirit of feminine support and generosity, without an agenda forgetting something back.

After all, if the relationship is going to last, then each of you will be happy to do things for the other knowing that your care for each other will be reciprocated. (Read more about emotional work in relationships.)

4  Be Happy and Joyful

Nobody feels happy and joyful all the time – that’s just an unrealistic expectation. But we all want to be with somebody is confident and happy.

And for a man it’s important that the woman he’s with isn’t needy or emotionally dependent.

Men are by nature fixers: and they like to try and “fix” their women when they are upset or depressed or sad. So if you act needy you’ll probably attract a man very quickly, but one of two things may then happen.

The first is that the man is going to get tired of trying to fix you (as it is an impossible task) and leave, and the second is that you’re likely to attract a man who gets his self-esteem from supporting and helping others – and in particular, making things right for others.

Neither of these is a good basis for a loving relationship. If you have a problem your moods, then perhaps some personal therapy would be a good idea in the pursuit of love.

5 Be Independent

It’s unlikely that any man will want to spend all day every day with you. And if you have that expectation, you’ll be disappointed – it just doesn’t happen.

In any relationship, the two partners need to have their own independence and strength, including their own friends in their own interests.

Men in particular do seem to need time to regroup and recover their strength and masculinity in the face of everything the world throws at them.

They may not want to talk problems through before they have had the chance to think about them in their “man cave”.

So whether the man cave is a shed in the garden or withdrawal behind a veil of silence, let your man have his space.

He’ll emerge grateful for the space you’ve given him, feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to re-establish closeness with you.

But most women seem to pursue a man when he retreats or withdraws – and this irritates men. If you want your man to love you, then please respect his need for space – and of course, you can justifiably expect him to respect your need for time out of the relationship too!

6 Be Vulnerable

If you want a man to fall in love with you, then you have to be vulnerable.

If you’ve erected walls around your heart, you have to start dismantling them, so that he can get in there and see who you truly are.

In other words, you have to let him into the secret places where you feel most vulnerable.

Now of course, you let him in at your own pace because you don’t want him to do more damage to a tender place within you.

But if you don’t feel that you can open up, or you don’t feel lovable, then it’s well worth looking at the issues you carry which caused you to close down.

You are indeed a truly wonderful and lovable woman – you just may not know it yet, and perhaps you may need some help to find that place.

When you have found it, you’ll be much more likely to give and receive love freely, and in particular to find true love of a man who wants to be with you for always.

7 Support Him

Support comes in many forms, but one of the fundamental ways that a woman can support a man in a relationship is to support his dreams and ideas.

A woman who can draw out a man’s masculine characteristics, and appreciate them for what they are, can see his greatness – even if he can’t quite see it himself. To support him means to encourage him to go for the big vision, to be extraordinary, to step fully into his own power.

When you’re around a man you love, remind him of his wisdom, his productivity, his courage, his loyalty, his strength, his intelligence  and all the other masculine qualities that make him who is is! Then he will really blossom.

That old cliche about behind every good man is a good woman has a huge amount of truth in it. If you believe in him, he will believe in himself.

And when he believes in himself because of you he will always be grateful to you for your support, and be willing to stay by your side in a relationship of trust and love.

8 Be Authentic

Authenticity is about being who you are, saying what you feel, knowing what you feel, and not being afraid to express it.

Authenticity isn’t about perfection – it’s about reality. It’s about coming across as the vulnerable open loving person you are, with all your flaws and qualities rolled in together.

It’s about taking off the masks you wear to protect yourself from the world. Keep in mind that authenticity and vulnerability produce a deep sense of connection and intimacy.

9 Connect With Him

There are many ways to connect with the man you want to make love you.

Most obvious is being interested in what he has to say, really interested – taking time to reflect and consider together what’s going on for him, with the expectation that he’ll do the same for you.

And to be truly in love with somebody, you need to be truly authentic with them. You don’t want to try and pretend with a false smile that everything is all right, when in fact it isn’t. You want to smile because you’re happy – you want to smile because you like looking at the man you’re in love with.

10 Practice Gratitude

When we say practice gratitude, we mean adopt a positive attitude.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to think of 10 things every morning for which you can truly be grateful.

This could be the fact that you’re in a relationship with an amazing beautiful man in your life, or something more modest about the things you have to celebrate (like the taste of your food).

What you’ll find with any practice like this, is that after 30 days your whole mental attitude will have shifted towards the positive, and you’ll be a much more attractive person to be around. (Especially if you’ve been prey to negativity in the past.)

Positive people are naturally attractive – everyone wants to be happy, so when you exude positive energy, you’ll be attractive not only to the guy you want in your life, but to everyone else around you.

11 Give Him Time to Fall in Love with You

Of course you can’t actually make a man fall in love with you. What you can do is present the most attractive and desirable persona you can to him, in the hope that his feelings for you develop into love and affection.

Sure, it’s your dream to meet your soulmate, and at times this seems hard or even impossible.

Everyone goes through these feelings when the trying to find a man whom they can truly love, and it’s necessary sometimes to do a little bit of personal work on yourself so that your emotional baggage becomes less of a burden, and you have a lighter outlook.

What’s certain as Einstein said, is that trying to solve a problem from the same level of evolution as created it is never going to work!

So if you’re finding that your relationships are still not working, and you’re not attracting the man you want in your life, then try and establish where you need to focus your energy and attention on self-improvement.

When you seriously set an intention to find a man who will love you, guess what – it generally appears !

Discover how you can make a woman or a man fall in love with you – and stay with you!