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We all know that the course of true love never runs smooth! In fact, romantic relationships, although able to offer some of the best experiences of our lives, can also offer some of the worst. I do not want to be discouraging here, but it’s a fact that these days 50% of all marriages end in divorce. One of the reasons for this appears to be the fact that people don’t communicate well.

You might therefore assume, and you would be quite correct in doing so, that the best and most effective tool for relationship stability is good communication. When people communicate with in a relationship, it’s observable that if they say five times more positive than negative things to each other, the relationship has a much higher chance of surviving than if the ratio is lower than this.

This is amazing finding, because it’s very clear that people who care about the attitude of their partners and the emotional tone of the relationship are more involved. Having said that, of course one must ask, “well why wouldn’t they be?”

It’s absolutely essential for couples to communicate in a loving fashion and build each other self-esteem if they are to stay together. You would need to be an emotional masochist to stay in a relationship where your partner was undermining you, either overtly or covertly, on a continuing basis.

So how is good communication established?

The answer is that good communication is the product of several things.

For one thing it’s the product of reflective listening. This is about showing the partner that you are truly engaged with what they’re saying – and your interest in what they are saying is reflected back to them.

You can increase the effectiveness of reflective listening by observing what your partner is saying and verifying it – in other words making some enquiry to absolutely ascertain whether or not you’ve heard them correctly.
It also helps to empathize with them as they speak.

Keep in mind that women in particular often just want a man to listen to them, rather than offering solutions or fixing problems.

And also – remember that the best relationships between men and women are the ones where the man is sensitive enough to know whether he should provide a solution for the woman or just listen to her so that she can work out her problems for herself.

Another interesting observation about relationships is that apology can be a massive tool in cementing the relationship firmly together.

In society these days we casually throw out a “sorry!” without thinking too much about whether it’s sincere or not. But there is evidence which demonstrates that couples who apologize to each other stay together much longer than couples who do not apologize to each other.

This strongly suggest that when an apology is sincere, it has an impact on the person who receives it. Therefore, if you’re guilty of any transgression against your partner, within your relationship, it’s definitely worth apologizing…… but only do this if it’s from place of sincerity.

Now good communication involves a two-way exchange of negotiation and mutual listening.

The Importance of Sex

But one of the other factors that keeps a couple together is good sex – and in particular, when the woman has orgasms.

Now when you think about it this isn’t too strange. What we know about orgasms is that they are enjoyable and pleasurable, but they actually have a deeper effect!

When a woman has orgasms, she is happy and contented not just in the bedroom, but her contentment and happiness spreads beyond the bedroom to affect the emotional tone of the whole relationship.
In this regard, it’s no accident that one of the first signs of a failing relationship is that the sex has stopped. So what we can say with certainty is that the quality of sex and the frequency of sex within a relationship is a good indicator of whether or not that relationship’s in good emotional health. There’s something important here about the sub personality we call the Lover archetype. (Read about archetypes here. And the Lover archetype here.)

And remember, in particular, that as a man, it’s your duty to overcome premature ejaculation and ensure that you can satisfy your woman during intercourse.

But what if your relationship’s in trouble? What if you find  you’re actually on the verge of breaking up?

People in these situations often find they don’t understand what’s happened to them – they may have had a period of disagreement and unhappiness in the relationship, but before they know it they’re actually at the point where the relationship’s breaking up, and it’s a mystery to them why they’re there.

But these things never come on suddenly – they are the product of a long period in which the quality of the relationship degenerates, the quality of the communication begins to falter, and the sex disappears.
But here’s the hope – it’s unlikely that you have nothing in common – you got together in the first place, after all. But if you do find that you have nothing in common then it may be better to admit that relationship has run its course. That way you can move on, perhaps with regret, or perhaps not. You can find another partner who can fulfil your emotional needs more satisfactorily.

However suppose you find you’re in a relationship where you’re not really convinced that the time has come for it to end. You and you partner are arguing, say.

What you do if you’re in a relationship you think has some mileage left in it, even if it seems to be falling apart?

The answer is, you want to do everyone else does – turn to the Internet for some relationship advice, LOL!
Seriously though, there are people on the Internet who have been working in this field for a very long period of time. Their efforts have produced a number of programs and information booklets and e-books which are far cheaper than going to see a relationship therapist in person.

My suggestion, if you find you’re breaking up, and you don’t know why, is to buy a program called Text Your Ex Back – which you can find here.

But more importantly, if you feel that your relationship has already broken up and / or  you’ve separated from your partner, then you might want to get your relationship back together – in fact you probably will.

You might now be feeling that it’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your life, and you want to restore the status quo as rapidly as possible.

You wouldn’t be the first! And buying Text Your Ex Back will help you to do exactly that, although my suggestion is that you put aside, at least to the extent you are able, your pain and distress, and read the instructions very carefully.

In situations like this is often a good idea to have a break between the breakup and the first contact with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend designed to re-establish the relationship.

However, having said that, Text Your Ex Back has guidelines on exactly what to do and how to do it when you’re in a situation where you want your relationship to be repaired and renewed. Where, in short, you want your relationship back.

And it comes highly recommended, with thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers who re-established their relationship with an ex boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. At the very least it will allow you to discover whether or not getting back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is the right thing to do for you. Good luck!.


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